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By Ashley Jetta Garcia

This paper is to determine if regulating prostitution will decrease child interaction in the industry and the sex slave trade. While there is a disconnection between societies on prostitution there is a real need to get rid of the negative factors in the industry. Two of the negative factors are children in the industry and the sex slave trade. Even with negative connotation there is still billions of dollars going into the industry annually. By regulating the industry, the government can limit the age of participation and it could alleviate the amount of people who are slaves to the industry.

Keywords: prostitution, sex slave trade, digital data collection, multivariate analysis

The current study explored potential risk and protective factors of violent juvenile offending through the eyes of teachers, law enforcement officers, and mental health professionals. These are the professionals most engaged with juveniles, and most likely to be involved in preventing and treating the underlying symptoms and factors related to juvenile violence. Self-report surveys (n = 208) examined the perspectives of teachers, law enforcement officers, and mental health professionals and whether they significantly differed on their views of juvenile violence. More specifically, differences between the three groups were examined on the self-reported levels of knowledge, fear, and self-efficacy related to juvenile violence. Further analyses also explored the professionals’ views on juvenile violence and the availability of guns, mental health symptoms, and gender differences. The most important risk and protective factors identified by each group were examined. This study provided a unique perspective of what the professionals most involved with violent juvenile offenders perceived as the most important factors related to the continuance of juvenile violence.