AJG Private Investigation Firm LLC inspires the idea of ensuring a well-balanced society by non-discrimination, treating all parties with the same respect, and presenting all elements found during an investigation.  

About the Company

AJG Private Investigation Firm LLC is associated and/or affiliated with the following organizations:

International Association of Professional Women

Colorado Genealogy Society

Colorado Society of Private Investigators

American Association of Electronic Reporters and Transcribers  

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About the Owner

AJG Private Investigation Firm LLC’s Owner is a Colorado Native and has experience in the following fields: information technology, legal, security, safety, investigations, residential restoration, and training since 2005. 

Please review her LinkedIn page for more details. 

The owner is a double Alumni of Regis University with three degrees which are: Dual-Bachelor's of Science in Mathematics and Business Administration with an emphasis in International Business and a Master's of Science in Criminology. She is currently obtaining a Ph.D. in Forensic Psychology from Walden University

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Services AJG Private Investigation Firm LLC offers

Database and Internet Research    

Having concerns about someone and no way of determining if they are being truthful or accurate? We will research their past to find available information. The information found can be in relation to: criminal history, financials, education, past residences, citizenship, etc.. We can search for information you need found. 

Mobile Notary Public

Offering clients the following document seals according to Colorado Law: administering oaths and affirmations, affidavits and statutory declarations, witness and authenticate, etc. in person with tangible documents and/or electronic documents.  We will come to you to provide the notary services.

Criminal Investigation 

We will review all evidence to ensure it was properly collected, conduct interviews with both the client and witnesses, collect additional records if needed, and present findings to the attorney/client. This includes process service of documents to witness(es) and others involved in the case.